Deliveries to all parts of the country

Deliveries to all parts of the country

Ventree Air Purification Device Model: Adam

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Model: Adam

Add approx. 5 liters of water up to the upper red line

Operation instructions

Follow the installation instructions below


There are 2 buttonsTo activate the
purification system,
please press the right button
The activate the lighting, please press
the left button
To shut-down – please press the
respective buttons.


When the gauge is lower than
the lower red line Water must
be added up to the upper line.


Once every 6 months, a teaspoon
of fertilizer should be added to
the plant’s soil.

There are several types of plants approved by NASA to choose from.
These plants were deemed as effective in removing contaminants from the air:

  1. Peace lily – Spathiphyllum

  2. Silver queen – Aglaonema

  3. Parlour palm – Chamadorea

  4. Dragon tree – Dracaena Marginata

  5. Laceleaf – Anathurium

Purification of air in rooms and closes spaces, using a patent-protected kit, which combines
between a plant (determined by NASA as effective in removing contaminants from the air),
implanted in a pot, biological filters, unique UVC lights, and a Hydroton substrate.
The purification principle: the purification is done by the plant, while the biological filters of
the system absorb and deconstruct toxins, and the unique UVC lights neutralize the viruses.
• There is no certainty that the system purifies and deconstructs the toxins
in the air to 100% level.
• The system can be used 24 hours a-day, 7 days a-week.

The Ventree system contains an opening for a pot plant in
a diameter of 14”, and includes:

  • An external power supply, converts the wall outlet output from
    220 or 115 volts to 12 volts 1 ampere input
  • A bag of Hydroton soaked in environmentally-friendly flora A
  • A bag of Hydroton soaked in environmentally-friendly flora B
  • Water level gauge
  • 3 external led lights for plant lighting (causing the plant to emit oxygen in the dark)
  • Internal UVC lights, intended for viruses’ neutralization
  • Light control button
  • Air purification system activation button
  • A water pump, installed in systems with a height of more than 15 cm
  • An air suction and emission system
  1. Insert the water gauge to the opening in the system
  2. Add the content of bag A to the bottom of the system
  3. Planting the plant in the opening in the center of the system
    Remove the plastic wrapper from the pot plant /
    release or extract the plant from any packaging/wrapping materials
    The soil must be cleaned from the roots of the plant
    It is recommended to leave a small quantity of soil around the roots
    Planting in the center of the system
  4. Add the content of the Hydroton bag B
  5. Add water through the center of the plant opening
    Add water up to the upper part of the water
    gauge. The amount of water that needs
    to be added is estimated – See page 4

Warning: Make sure not to pour water in exit openings.
Water penetration in these opening will cause
the system to shut-down.

The plant can be replaced by plants that are included in the provided list.
Please make sure to disconnect the system from the power supply prior to
replacing a plant, and follow the instructions
It is recommended to remove the water in the system once every 6 months,
by opening the cap at the bottom of the device.
This should only be done after disconnecting the device from the power supply.

Ventree air purifier is designated for use only under the defined terms.
Therefore, you must ensure that all the specifications and conditions stated in this manual are maintained.
Handling the device contrary to the instructions and/or non-compliance with the warnings stated in this manual, may lead to bodily harm and/or to damage to the device.
It shall be clarified, that the company shall not be held liable in such cases, and any warranty claim shall be voided.
The specified safety instructions attached to the device must be adhered to during the installation, maintenance and use of the device.
In the event of any problem whatsoever in the operation, it is recommended to first disconnect the device from the power supply, and re-connect it.

  •  Ventree and/or the fertilizer box should be removed from the reach of children
  • The Hydroton or rocks bedding should not be removed from the system
  • It is prohibited to place hands in the area of the vent
  • The casing of the device should not be dismantled or opened
  • Screwdrivers or other tools should not be used in an attempt to repair or fix the system

Liability claims from damage, resulting from non-compliance with the instructions specified in this manual shall be void.
We bear no responsibility for any damage to consequential damage resulting from not adhering to the content of this manual.
The warranty of Ventree Ltd. is limited only to replacing the pot plant set, and does not include any indirect or consequential damages whatsoever, or the level and quality of air purification by the device.
Ventree Ltd. reserves the right to perform technical modification or changes to this manual at any time, without prior notice.
Various registered trademarks, company names and brand names that appear in this manual, even if they are not defined as such, still maintain the applicability of relevant proprietary rights.
The copyrights and proprietary rights in this manual are owned by Ventree Ltd.
It is strictly prohibited to copy, duplicate, sell, lend, or use in any other manner this manual, in any form or manner, without the explicit prior written permission of Ventree Ltd.
Distribution of this manual and the use thereof in a binary manner (PDF) are permitted, subject to the abovementioned copyrights notification.
Any documentation, advertising collaterals and other materials, related to the distribution and use as aforementioned, must be approved in advance, and specify that the product was developed by Ventree Ltd.
The device is supplied “As-Is”, without any explicit or implied warranty, or suitability for a specific purpose.

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