System Developed to Purify Air from Carcinogens

Danny Moskowitz, 62, a cancer patient from Haifa, developed a biological system that purifies carcinogenic substances from the air at home and in the office. Moskowitz: There are houses in the city that are more polluted than the open air. The system, which was developed in Haifa, is on its way to being marketed in China. Danny Moskowitz, a 62-year-old resident of Haifa who was diagnosed with lymphoma and breast cancer, didn’t believe it would happen to him. His parents died of cancer, and Moskovitz stood by their side up until their final hour. “I felt that the disease was surrounding me from every possible direction and I always wanted to help those who were trying to find a cure for this terrible disease,” he notes. When he was diagnosed, Moskowitz fell into depression and sadness, fearing having to go through the same process his parents did. His friends and family tried to reassure him, but to no avail. “This was without doubt the most difficult period of my life, I underwent surgery, amputations and never ending appointments with doctors,” Moskowitz explains. At this point, he decided that instead of focusing on the illness, he would turn to developing and manufacturing an environmentally and user-friendly air purification system that would prevent respiratory diseases and cancerous diseases. A biological system that neutralizes pollutants and carcinogens in the air. After beginning chemotherapy treatments, Moskowitz says that all the possible side effects appeared. Nevertheless, the development and production activity gave him a sense of mission. “At home I collapse and can’t sleep because of the side effects, but I do not care because my activity occupies all my thoughts.” After researching the field, he discovered many other diseases caused by air pollution. “I was surprised to discover that the risk of becoming ill due to air pollution in homes is five times greater than is the case in the open air for a variety of reasons, including a lack of air circulation indoors that causes gases from transportation, industry and other sources to seep into the house. In addition, the existing solutions are electronic, expensive and require ongoing maintenance.” Studies on indoor air pollution point to an extremely disturbing reality. Findings by the Environmental Protection Agency (EDA) indicate that the air we breathe indoors is between 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. The organization describes the air we breathe at home or in the office as one of the top five major dangers to public health. Since most of us spend upwards of 90% of our time in closed structures, we are all subject to a serious health risk. The air that we breathe indoors contains bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, various allergens and chemicals, which enter our body with every breath we and our children take. The main pollutants in the air that endanger our health are benzene – which comes from cigarette smoke, exhaust gases and heating ovens. With prolonged exposure, it may cause chromosomal changes. Moreover, it is a carcinogen that reduces the production of blood cells, which can cause leukemia. Formalin – found in detergents, toilet paper, tissues, and personal care products. Some people may become sensitive to this substance, and in combination with hydrochloric acid, which is found in the stomach, it produces a carcinogenic compound. Radon – a radioactive, colorless and odorless element that is the source of about 10% of cancer cases in developed countries and is especially dangerous for children and smokers. In Israel, 2,500 people die every year from air pollution and 500,000 days of hospitalization are attributed to diseases caused by air pollution. In order to find a solution, Moskowitz notes that he collaborated with some of the top minds in their respective fields – scientists of chemical engineering, biology and microorganisms, engineers and various companies – to develop a system that would purify the air in homes and offices. Moskowitz was assisted in his development efforts by KTE Enviro, a company under the management of Dr. Gil Katz, whose field of expertise is pollutants and his previous roles include Chairman of the Professional Committee of Kishon River Rehabilitation. Dr. Katz: “We found that the system reduces air pollution in homes and offices by 80%. The system is based on plants that absorb the pollutants well and the system provides an excellent solution for those who seek to improve air quality. It is an innovative, aesthetic and efficient system.” The solution designed by Moskowitz and the other developers offers a system that he claims neutralizes the toxic substances found in the air in the spaces in which we live and work. “The system consists of highly resistant plants that NASA has approved as plants that purify toxic substances,” he explains. ”It is effective both in dark places and in baby rooms as it lets the plants emit oxygen at night. It provides a solution for small rooms and large spaces of high air capacities, and can be personally-styled. The system contains biological filters that absorb the toxins in the air and a biological system that decomposes the toxins. It also has a water tank that also includes fertilizer, a suction system and air intake. Furthermore, it includes an automatic control system that determines the watering rate, and a system that regulates the rate of neutralization of toxins, as well as, an LED lighting system that causes the plants to emit oxygen even in the dark.” Today he is appealing to individuals and companies interested in purchasing the system, in order to help finance its continued development. “There is a quite a lot of interest in the system in China that is dealing with high pollution level in many cities,” Moskowitz says. “This is great news coming out of Haifa.”

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