Basic facts

The Environmental Protection Association (EPA) rated the air we breathe at home or in the office as one of the 5 major hazards on public health.

Studies demonstrate, that the air we breathe at home is 2-5 time more contaminated than the outdoors air.

Most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors.

Don’t say
"It won’t happen to me"

Air contaminants have a direct impact on the quality of life and the health of the population. Many related studies demonstrated that exposure to air contaminants cause severe morbidity, that may manifest in infectious diseases, chronic conditions (e.G. Lung diseases), and even cancerous tumors.

תמונת מערכת בלי רקע

Inconvenience – Noise – Cost

During the search of air filtering solutions for closed spaces, we discovered that all the purification systems are very inconvenient, noisy, do not naturally blend in spaces, and are extremely expensive.

Meet Ventree

A natural system for the neutralization of air contaminants for home and office

Unique solution

  • Tree plants, that were determined by NASA as air contaminants neutralizers.
  • Environmentally friendly biological filters, that absorb toxins
  • A biological system, that decomposes the toxins
  • A suction and emission system of clean air
  • A system that regulates the toxins neutralization rate (3 options)
  • A System that include UVC "light" which breaking the molecular bonds of DNA nucleobases. Once the germs are killed, their "corps" can be inhaled.
  • A water tank that contains fertilizer
  • An automatic control system, that determines the rate of irrigation, and alerts when water and fertilizer need adding
  • A led lighting system, that causes plants to emit oxygen also in dark conditions

Ventree is an exceptionally quiet, user and environmentally friendly system, Does not require any ongoing maintenance, except adding water and fertilizer.

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About us

Ventree is a revolutionary solution That will help you breathe clean air at both home and office.

Studies have shown that the air we breathe at home is 5 times more contaminated than the air we breathe outside. Yes, 5 times more Bactria, viruses, carcinogens, various allergens and chemicals are enetring our body, that’s why we need Ventree.

Its natural system for the neutralization of the air me, you and your family are breathing, every day, almost all day long. 

Ventree was established in 2018 by environmental experts, biologist and people who thought outside the box who just wanted to breath fresh air.


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